For more than 50 years, the Joint Aircraft Survivability Program (JASP) and its predecessors have worked to enhance combat effectiveness, improve coordination of R&D endeavors, and facilitate technology development and fielding for U.S. air systems. An important part of these efforts is the Aircraft Survivability journal (ASJ), published three times a year and distributed at no charge to practitioners across the industry. JASP invites you to be a part of the ASJ community and stay connected with your colleagues and the latest happenings in the field. It’s free and easy to keep in touch. To read or download the current or a previous ASJ issue, see below. You can also join the ASJ mailing list; request back issues; and/or submit article ideas, abstracts, or News Notes at the links provided.

Winter 2000

  • NDIA Combat Survivability Award Winner—David Bonnesar
  • Surviving Space
  • Spacecraft Survivability to Kinetic Energy Threats
  • Survivability: It’s Not Just for Aircraft Anymore
  • Directed Energy Attack on Spacecraft
  • Pioneers of Survivability—Dr. Joel E. Williamsen
  • Natural Hazards of the Space Environment
  • Meteoroid and Orbital Debris Survivability and Vulnerability
  • Aircraft Survivability Equipment & Avionics AAAA Symposium 2000
  • A Synopsis of JTCG/AS & JLF/AS Programs
  • Battle Damage Assessment and Repair (BDAR)

Summer 2000

  • DOT&E Support for Survivability Testing and Evaluation
  • Tearing the Walls Down to Achieve Greater Aircraft Survivability
  • V-22 Aircraft Battle Damage Repair
  • C-130L Live Fire Test & Evaluation
  • F/8-18E/F Aircraft Live Fire Testing Program
  • National Live Fire Test and Evaluation Workshop
  • Aircraft Crew Casualty Issues
  • CH-47F Chinook (Improved Cargo Helicopter) Live Fire Test and Evaluation
  • Advanced Joint Effectiveness Model
  • Pioneers of Survivability: Donald J. “Jerry” Wallick
  • Professor Ball Receives Art Stein Award

Spring 2000

  • Looking to the Future of the JTCG/AS
  • Supporting the Warfighter…Delivering 21st Century Aviation Solutions Enabling Dominance from the Sea
  • NDIA Aircraft Survivability 1999
  • A “Wizard” for Hydrodynamic Ram Modeling
  • Decoupled Fuel Cells Program—A Story of Success
  • Reducing Next-Generation Engine Vulnerabilities
  • CF3I—A Summary to Date
  • WPAFB Engineer Receives NDIA Combat Survivability Leadership Award
  • Spacecraft—Survivability’s Next Frontier
  • The Modeling & Simulation Information Analysis Center
  • Pioneers of Survivability—Dale B. Atkinson
  • MANPADS Study: A Brief Synopsis