Fall 2008

  • News Notes
  • JCAT Corner
  • Army Unmanned Aircraft Systems Survivability
  • “Rapid Proto-duction” of the Apache Video from UAS for
    Interoperability Teaming—Level 2 (VUIT-2)
  • Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Survivability and Safety
  • JASP 2008 Survivability Short Course
  • Warfighters Need a Joint Survivability Library
  • Preliminary Evaluation of Damage to Composite Wing
    and Fuselage Structures by Ballistic Impacts
  • ‘There’s No Such Thing as an Autonomous System’ T&E Professionals
    Discuss the Unique Challenges of Unmanned Vehicles

Summer 2008

  • News Notes
  • Spacecraft Survivability Engineering—Project Orion
  • Optical Diagnostics for Ballistic Aircraft Survivability Testing
  • Excellence in Survivability—Gregory Czarnecki
  • Control Surface Vulnerability to MANPADS
  • Satellite Vulnerability to Direct Ascent KE ASAT: Applying Lessons Learned from NASA, Missile Defense, and Aircraft Survivability Programs
  • Effectiveness of Solid Propellant Gas Generators (SPGG) in Engine Nacelle Simulator
  • Paul Deitz Named 2008 Hollis Award Winner
  • Tribute to Joe Hylan

Spring 2008

  • LFT&E Director Views
  • Excellence in Survivability—David K. Legg
  • Fire Modeling With the Fire Prediction Model (FPM): Application for Survivability Discipline
  • C-130J Engine Nacelle Fire Extinguishing Evaluation
  • Limiting Oxygen Concentration (LOC) for Dynamic Fuel Tank Applications
  • Annual National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Survivability Awards
  • P-8A Dry Bay Fire Suppression System Development
  • Vulnerability Reduction (VR) Workshop