Fall 2010

  • News Notes
  • JCAT Corner
  • An Introduction to Susceptibility Reduction
  • Competitive Prototyping for Infrared Countermeasures
  • Sustaining Survivability in Legacy Electronic Warfare Systems
  • DHS Counter-MANPADS Programs
  • Selecting a New Camouflage Paint for the CH-47F
  • Going Beyond ASE: Aircraft Survivability and EW/ DCGS—Enterprise
  • Excellence in Survivability—Frank Barone
  • Pioneer in Survivability—Terry L. Dougherty
  • Analyzing Countermeasures with Real-time, Complex Scene Simulation

Summer 2010

  • News Notes
  • JCAT Corner
  • Are We Doing Enough to Enhance the Survivability of Rotary
    Wing Aircraft?
  • Study on Rotorcraft Survivability
  • LFT&E Oversight for UH-60M Black Hawk Program
  • AH-1Z and UH-1Y: Designed for Survivability
  • V-22 Integrated Survivability Design Approach
  • Excellence in Survivability—Mark A. Couch
  • CH-53K Heavy Lift Helicopter—A Survivability Focused Design

Spring 2010

  • News Notes
  • JCAT Corner
  • F-35 Live Fire Test: Full-Up Systems Level Testing
  • JSF Live Fire Test—Pilot-in the Loop Simulator Testing
  • One-of-a-Kind Testing at NAWCWD Means More Survivable Aircraft
  • Arcing Survivability
  • Excellence in Survivability—Robert E. Walther
  • 2009 NDIA CSD Aircraft Survivability Awards and Presentations
  • Simple Automatic Fire Suppressions
  • Joint Cargo Aircraft Hydrodynamic Ram LFT&E
  • Joint Cargo Aircraft LFT&E Program