For more than 50 years, the Joint Aircraft Survivability Program (JASP) and its predecessors have worked to enhance combat effectiveness, improve coordination of R&D endeavors, and facilitate technology development and fielding for U.S. air systems. An important part of these efforts is the Aircraft Survivability journal (ASJ), published three times a year and distributed at no charge to practitioners across the industry. JASP invites you to be a part of the ASJ community and stay connected with your colleagues and the latest happenings in the field. It’s free and easy to keep in touch. To read or download the current or a previous ASJ issue, see below. You can also join the ASJ mailing list; request back issues; and/or submit article ideas, abstracts, or News Notes at the links provided.

Fall 2012

  • Today’s Challenges of Aircraft Survivability Modeling & Simulation (M&S)
  • The SURVIAC Vulnerability Tool Kit
  • Excellence In Survivability — Timothy D. Staley
  • Modeling Rocket-Propelled Grenade (RPG) Effects in Rotorcraft Analysis
  • Integrated Survivability Assessment
  • Fire Simulation Model Development and Testing
  • The Use of LS-DYNA Threat Models in Performing Pretest Predictions
  • Predictive Terminal Ballistics for Fragments and Projectiles
  • Vulnerability Reduction (VR) Overview and Recent JASP Investments
  • Green On Board Inert Gas Generating System (GOBIGGS)
  • P-8A Wing Leading and Trailing Edge Fire Suppression System
  • Excellence In Survivability — Dennis Bely
  • Improvements of Opaque Armors Through Material Treatments and System Architectures
  • Improved Rotorcraft Fuel Line Fire Protection / VR Firetrace’s Fire Protection System (FPS) Optimization
  • Advances in Transparent Armor Solutions for Small Arms Threats
  • Self Contained Fire Protection System (FPS)
  • Enhanced Powder Panel (EPP) Passive Fire
  • Passive Fire Protection Technique Update

Spring 2012

  • News Notes
  • JCAT Corner
  • Joint Live Fire — Aircraft Systems (JLF-AIR)
  • JSF Full Up System Level Testing
  • CH-53K Live Fire Test and Evaluation
  • Excellence in Survivability — Martin N. Krammer
  • Live Fire Testing a Legacy Wing
  • NDIA Aircraft Survivability Symposium