JCAT Corner

By: CW5 Scott Brusuelas, LCDR Matthew Kiefer, and LTC Andrew Roberts

Figure 1. 2019 JCAT Phase 1 Training Class.

This past year was a busy one for the Joint Combat Assessment Team (JCAT). The team spent much of 2018 involved in current combat damage assessments, JCAT qualification training, Threat Weapon Effects (TWE) training, and the Survivability Reduction Work Group (SRWG).

The SRWG, which was held 5–7 September at Fort Rucker, AL, was a new undertaking for JCAT. A total of 80 industry and Department of Defense (DoD) partners from the modeling and simulation (M&S) and survivability communities attended the event to identify capabilities for tactics, techniques, and procedure development using M&S. JCAT will continue this effort over the course of the next year to identify gaps and develop a road map to close these gaps.

In January, JCAT-Army (the Aviation Survivability and Tactics Team [ASDAT]) hosted the annual JCAT Phase 1 training at Fort Rucker, AL. A total of 27 personnel received training on weapons and warhead effects, aircraft combat damage data collection, casualty information collection, and assessment techniques. In support of upcoming deployment, five Army personnel received training on aircraft combat damage collection. Additionally, 14 Navy and 8 Air Force personnel received initial JCAT qualification training in preparation for JCAT Phase 2 training at the Naval Air Warfare Center (NAWC) China Lake, CA.

JCAT also has some hails and farewells to give. JCAT-Army hails CW4 Tyson Martin, who came to the team in August. CW4 Martin brings a wealth of experience, coming off of a recent deployment to Afghanistan with the 16th Combat Aviation Brigade.

Likewise, in December CAPT Marty Butkis was relieved by CAPT Kelvin Askew as Commanding Officer of the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) In Service Engineering and Logistics (ISEL) unit. Although CAPT Askew is new to the JCAT mission, he is getting immersed in the training and has a good outlook for the future of JCAT.

Additionally, LCDR Matt “Gerbil” Kiefer took over as the Navy JCAT Program Manager from CDR Jay Kiser, bringing more than a decade of JCAT experience with him.

JCAT farewells CAPT Butkis and CDR Kiser and would like to thank them for their strong and steadfast leadership and support over the past 2 years.

Finally, JCAT would like to remind everyone that the 2019 Threat Weapon Effects (TWE) training event is scheduled for 23–25 April 2019 at Eglin AFB/ Hurlburt Field, FL. Attendees must register via the Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC) at https://www.dsiac.org.