The Results Are In: Take-Aways From the 2022 ASJ Reader Survey

by Eric Edwards

Thanks to all those who responded to the online 2022 Aircraft Survivability Journal (ASJ) reader survey.  Surveys such as this are an important tool in helping journal sponsors and production staff keep current on (1) who our primary readers are; (2) how they are receiving and using the journal; (3) what their needs, preferences, and expectations are; and (4) how we can continue to improve the journal’s content, presentation, distribution, and usefulness to the community.

The 2022 reader survey was conducted during the first three weeks of October.  An email announcement and
SurveyMonkey link were sent to all members of the ASJ contact/mailing list, with a total of 75 sets of responses being returned.  The following table provides some notable take-aways from those responses.  (Note that some percentages shown are approximate.)

Table 1. ASJ Reader Survey by the Numbers

ASJ sponsors and production staff were pleased with the overwhelmingly positive reader feedback the survey provided.  Moreover, the survey helped us identify numerous potential improvements that can be made in the areas of content, presentation, and distribution.  Going forward, we will seek to implement many of these improvements, as well as continue to do whatever we can to make the journal as high-quality, accessible, and useful to the community as possible.

For more information about the 2022 reader survey or to provide additional thoughts and feedback about the ASJ, please contact Mr. Eric Edwards at